Our team at 3DPS has been building plastic injection molds, prototyping parts and building custom tooling for over 50 years. Tailoring our full range of design services to fit your specific needs, 3DPS finds you a solution whatever stage of development you are in.


Part Design:


We view customers as partners. Consulting early on we are able to collaborate together on how best to meet your needs. We can offer many different paths forward that may improve part quality or tooling costs. We will assist you in sourcing a material that provides the required properties, such as ultraviolet or chemical resistance, tensile strength, dimensional stability, etc.

We offer 2D and 3D part creation from your drawings or sketches; we can even import your existing CAD model and make design changes.

3D Printing:

3DPS has 3D Printing available. Here you can prototype your new idea or your latest design change. Many different material types are available with lead times as little as 24 hours. contact us with your projects’ requirements and to upload your files. Dental and implant customers please use the shipping address on our contact page to send us your custom filament.


Injection Mold Design:

RPS employs both industry standard Master Unit Die (MUD) units and stand-alone Injection Molding solutions. Our customers need us to be up to date with the latest technology and offer them options. 3DPS can design your single cavity prototype or create you a multi-cavity production tool with slides and a hot runner. It’s up to you!


3DPS uses some of the latest industry leading CAD technology. Not every project requires the same tool. We use a couple different CAD software here at 3DPS. This allows us to better cater to your specific needs.

3D CNC Tool-Path Creation:

3DPS uses the latest available high-speed CNC machining technology reducing the time it takes to get you a finished product. We have many different machining strategies available to us to create your 3D part geometry. Accurate and complete machining is critical for today’s complex shapes. It reduces the amount of polishing required where detail can be lost; therefore, reducing man-hours which is a savings we can then pass on to you our customer.


CNC Machining:

3DPS sources as many of the resources we use as possible here in the USA. When your mold is designed and the necessary tool-paths have been generated, we machine your geometry on American-built, high-speed CNC machining centers. We use an innovative approach to achieve high feed-rates, accuracy, and excellent surface finishes. 3DPS is American manufacturing.